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Developing the Best Neighborhoods in Upstate South Carolina from the Ground Up

In partnership with the top regional and national homebuilders, Mark III Properties develops the most sought-after neighborhoods in Upstate South Carolina. For decades, and particularly in the last five years, we’ve been—by far—the most active developer in the Upstate. About one third of all new homes in the booming GSA metro are built on lots provided by Mark III Properties. Our communities are top sellers as tracked by real estate sales data year after year, and our partnership with Sumitomo Forestry America has strengthened our financial foundation and enhanced our corporate structure, better positioning us for continued growth and success.

Our Long-Standing Commitment to Creating Beautiful, Thriving Communities

history and legacy

Our History & Legacy

Mark III Properties was founded in 1975 by John Beeson and two other partners dedicated to “making their mark,“ (hence the name “Mark III”). In the early days, John used his engineering background to tackle industrial, retail, and residential development. 15 years ago, the company became laser-focused on single and multi-family residential development to meet the needs of a growing, thriving Upstate community. 

Today you’ll find John’s son, Jay Beeson, and daughter, Laura Beeson Henthorn, running the company as President and Vice President. John still serves as a land acquisition consultant and shares his guidance and experience whenever needed.


Our Values

Throughout our history, Mark III has remained true to the southern community values and beliefs we hold dear, including:

  • Treating our employees and partners the right way
  • Being good stewards of the land
  • Constantly raising the bar of service we provide to our builders
  • Always respecting our subcontractors and external partners
  • Making sure our employees love their jobs
  • Continuing to care for Upstate South Carolina and our neighbors
  • Keeping the Upstate a wonderful area to call home

Meet Our Team


Our Vision

As the most respected and sought-after residential developer in Upstate South Carolina, Mark III takes pride in creating successful, beautiful communities for local, regional and national homebuilders and their buyers. Additionally, we cultivate an excellent work environment for all of our employees. We also implement a collaborative team approach with our subcontractors and external partners to produce superior results.


Our Partners

Mark III Properties understands that land development is a complex endeavor that requires solid, trusting partnerships with builders, local county governments and municipalities, hundreds of vendors and, of course, homeowners. We nurture and grow relationships with our employees, subcontractors, engineers, and suppliers to ensure quality developments and sustainable communities. We are able to operate with a lean team because we outsource everything. Mark III takes pride in our mutually successful relationships with all of these partners and we know we can count on them to help us deliver the best neighborhoods possible.

Meet Our Partners

International Partnership

international partnership

In 2018, Mark III Properties took on major equity partner Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., a global forestry, manufacturing, and building materials distribution company based in Japan. Sumitomo Forestry has invested in several housing and construction-related businesses in the U.S., but Mark III is their only pure land-development partner. The company shares Mark III Properties’ values of integrity, sustainability, quality service, and thoughtful land management. 

Somewhat unique to other Sumitomo investments, the Mark III executive team retains a significant amount of ownership in the business.

What does this mean for our clients?

As majority owners, our executive team pours only the highest standards into the operations of Mark III Properties.

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