What We Do

Not just an address... But a community

We provide housing opportunities in a variety of price points from first-time buyers to age-targeted townhome living, from single-family rental products maintained by a common entity to luxury semi-custom homes on larger lots, and everything in between. In each and every neighborhood you’ll find well-designed entrances and amenities, sidewalks, street lights, cohesive house styles, and themes that all work together to create a sense of community — one you will be proud to call home.

The Land Development Process

Some residential land developers are only involved in one part of the process, but at Mark III we carry properties from the purchase of the undeveloped land until full completion and turnover to the residents. 

By focusing almost exclusively on single-family residential, we’ve become experts in all aspects of this niche of development. 


Sourcing and buying land.

We currently own or have sold land in eight of the ten counties in Upstate South Carolina. We know the local realtors and have a reputation among landowners of closing our deals and paying a fair price. We have extensive knowledge of the value of the raw land.

Developing neighborhoods in partnership with the country’s top homebuilders.

Oftentimes, national and regional builders identify an area or a specific site where they want to be, and they come to us to make it happen. In other cases, we’ve worked directly with land owners first and then offer the opportunity to a builder who we think will be successful there. 


Designing and completing the infrastructure and providing finished lots.

Once we have a builder involved (or sometimes we move forward speculatively), we work closely with our engineers to fully design and permit the site. We typically complete these steps during the due diligence process. Then we close on the land and engage site contractors. We manage the construction from initial clearing all the way to installation of the amenities. Then we sell lots to builders so that they can complete the vertical construction. We rarely sell lots to individuals, and typically builders have contracted to purchase an entire neighborhood or perhaps share with another builder.

Managing HOAs until the last lot is sold.

As a service to our builders and the residents that live in our communities, we establish Home Owners Associations very early in the development process. We use third-party management companies to ensure financial accountability and transparency and to uniformly enforce the covenants and design standards. In our experience, neighborhoods become more cohesive when actual residents are involved early on so we set up functioning committees and seek their input. We assist the residents in assuming management and full takeover of the HOA as the neighborhood is built out.  


Sustainable Development 

Land development can be a messy business, but at Mark III we go above and beyond traditional requirements for saving trees and protecting waterways. Where allowed by codes, we prefer to cluster lots and leave as much open space as possible, often placing it in permanent easements which can never be disturbed. Our site plans rarely hit the maximum density allowed. At our entrances and around our amenities and common areas, you’ll generally see larger and more plentiful plantings than what is required. We also take care to plant native and appropriate species that will lead to long term reforestation.  We encourage our builders to install street trees on all lots that will grow to provide adequate canopy cover in years to come.

While we make every effort to stabilize the soil and manage runoff as soon as we disturb the land, deluge-type rain events can exceed even the best erosion control efforts. Therefore we work as partners with only the most reputable and responsible earth moving contractors, so that we can ensure a quick response to an extreme weather event.

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