Our Properties & Neighborhoods

Mark III Properties’ residential land development projects have several key features in common: 

  • A dedication to making family-friendly neighborhoods
  • Being good stewards of the land
  • Creating a community where people want to live and thrive

Our neighborhoods usually have 200-500 lots and include the following community features: 

green space, amenities

Open, green spaces

South Carolina has beautiful natural resources, and at Mark III we work hard to include and celebrate those in all of our developments. Each residential neighborhood includes expansive green spaces as well as buffer areas to help preserve trees and create sensible density.

Amenities for socializing and activities

Communities become neighborhoods when people can spend time together. Mark III developments often include junior-Olympic-sized swimming pools, fire pits, playgrounds, passive recreational areas, and multi-use trails. 

You may also find dog parks, open air pavilions, and pickleball courts depending on the desires of the builder, and what we determine the community can support. Sidewalks are almost always installed and all neighborhoods are well-lit and safe.

Active Home Owners Associations

Each neighborhood is independently managed by a property manager from the time the first lot is sold to a builder, before homes are even constructed. You’ll find the following features of our Home Association process:

  • We work with builders to approve house plans in advance and set design guidelines so that neighborhoods have a cohesive look and feel.
  • We try to keep annual dues as low as possible while also including all known expenses that a neighborhood will be faced with at full development. This aims to avoid surprise rate hikes when developments are turned over.
  • Mark III Properties financially supports its neighborhoods until such time as residents’ dues can fully cover expenses.
  • At each home closing, homeowners should be provided with a full set of Restrictive Covenants and the contact information of the management company. Please contact your builder and their sales team for the appropriate HOA contact for your neighborhood.

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