Sustainable Development

Committed to Sustainable Development

Land development can be complicated, but when it comes to sustainability, we have a clear vision. At Mark III, we go above and beyond traditional requirements for saving trees and protecting waterways. When allowed by codes, we make every effort to:

  • Cluster lots to leave as much open space as possible.
  • Create permanent easements which can never be disturbed.
  • Stay well within the maximum density of our site plans.
  • Add plentiful, native plantings around entrances, amenities and common areas.
  • Encourage builders to install street trees on all lots that will grow to provide adequate canopy cover in years to come. 
  • Stabilize the soil and manage runoff as soon as we disturb the land (deluge-type rain events can exceed even the best erosion control efforts). Therefore, we work with only the most reputable and responsible earth moving contractors so that we can ensure a quick response to an extreme weather event.

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